The Rusty Old Postbox

The Rusty Old Postbox


To those who didn’t know, it was just a post box. But what secrets did it hide behind its rusty exterior? And
what Christmas presents did it bring for two young boys wishing for entirely different things?

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By Susana Sanchez Gonzalez
Illustrated by Sara Denham

The Rusty Old Postbox harbours a number of secrets, not least the story of two boys who have different
ambitions and morals. When they write their letters to Santa, the postbox is party to their highest dreams and
desires – and the efforts the boys will go to reach them.
The postbox is also witness to the lengthy career of Mr Barsky, the postman, and the letters of all the people
living around him.
Then one day, this little boy put a letter through his mouth and everything changed. Luiggi di Maggio was a
bully. He had bullied James Connor for as long as he remembered, and James could remember a lot. He was
brainy, you see, and good at remembering things.
The old postbox could see with his little, googly eyes that something was going on with these two, something
terrible and unfair, but he wasn’t sure what it was or how to stop it.


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