The Jects

The Jects


Zander is 13 and cares for his mum. He has inadvertently damaged a car and must
repay costs or be reported to the authorities.
How can he find the cash? After his mum is admitted to hospital Zander is home
alone, fretting about his debt.
A small gang of friends involve him in their drama project to enter a competition they
are confident of winning – but they haven’t read the small print.

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By Heather Haywood
Illustrated by Sara Denham

Zander is 13 and cares for his mum but when she is admitted to hospital he remains
home alone. Unwittingly he damages a neighbours car and has to pay cash for the
damages or may be reported to the authorities.
The Jects follows Zander as he lives independently, tries to raise cash and longs to
fit in at school. His dad has left and Zander is also striving to keep up appearances
with the extended family. He earns a little cash walking an enormous dog, and
at school is invited into the small gang of ‘Jects’. Are they rejects, dejects,
or someone’s project?



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