My Zombie Best Friend

My Zombie Best Friend


When a family of zombies move next door, what is a boy to do? At first Nathan had thought
everyone was exaggerating, but now he was beginning to wonder if they were right. Maybe he
should be scared. After all, it had to be dangerous living next door to a family of zombies.

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By Terry Lowell
Illustrated by Sam Porter

“I looked up and there stood a boy, unlike any boy I’d seen before. He was terribly thin and his
brand new school uniform hung off him like an old suit on a scarecrow. His arms dangled inside
baggy sleeves, and ended in withered hands and gnarled fingers. His slender neck stuck out from
his collar, and his head perched on the end like a lolly on a stick. He was mostly bald with tufts of
grey hair on the top of his head and over one ear. He only had one ear.”
My Zombie Best Friend is the story of Nathan and how he deals with his growing friendship with
someone not of the ‘norm’ and how he initially gets bullied for his association with Gurr.


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