Crib and The Labours of Hercules

Crib and The Labours of Hercules


Greece is in trouble. Monsters that Hercules once destroyed have returned. How can 10-yearold
Crib save the country as Hercules did?
Her uncle, Jonathan has announced that he is the new Hercules. He has come to Greece
after losing a battle with a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, so is hardly likely to overcome a man-eating
Lion or tame a many-headed monster, which kills anything that approaches.

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By Gerald Vinestock
Illustrated by Guy Farrow

Fortunately for Greece, Crib takes charge, but how can she save Athens Airport from the
attacks of large and murderous birds?
A huge Boar is destroying the countryside and a Deer is eating the farmers’ crops. In Crete a
Bull is so terrifying that people hardly dare leave their houses. Can Crib solve the problems
without harming the beasts, for the Prime Minister wants them alive and in a Theme Park?
Hercules persuaded an Amazon Queen to give up her Golden Girdle – can Crib do the same?
And can she outwit a hundred-headed dragon, so she can pick the Golden Apples?
She descends into the Underworld and meets the monstrous three-headed dog, Cerberus.
Can she charm him into leaving the Underworld to become a tourist attraction that will draw
visitors back to Greece? And can she do all this when hindered not helped by the
well-meaning Jonathan?


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